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                       WE WELCOME ALL 
Worship at 10 a.m.

Every Sunday morning we gather for worship.  All are welcome to join us! We sing hymns and songs of praise, we confess our brokenness and affirm together the abundant grace of Jesus and we join with the church universal to read Scripture handed to us through the Revised Common Lectionary.  Our pastor preaches and teaches a revelation of divine love for our world each week.  Our worship is joyful, filled with thanksgiving for the love that God has for all things.  And we consider ourselves witnesses of something bigger:  God's Kingdom of blessing and new creation here as it is in heaven.  

Childcare is available in our Nursery!

Our Church

  St. Paul’s has a history that goes back approximately 135 years to the spring of 1882.  At that time, several Evangelical Germans living in the Grand Haven area and its environs came together to form this local congregation.  They were mainly Christians from the Lutheran Church in Germany out of the Reformed tradition.  German was the language of the church for many years.  Over the years, the church changed and evolved. Our building changed, our language became English.  Now we gather on Griffin Street just north of Robbins Road.  Today, our Church has a conventional relationship with the United Church of Christ denomination.  

  Over the years, St. Paul’s has always had an eye on the future as it continues to build on the past. The legacy we share is one of welcome and expectation.  We look for transformed lives as we continue to seek God’s guidance with each step we take. 

   We welcome all to visit and to seek God’s blessing as we share with each other and grow in the love of Christ. 

 Summer Sabbath Challenge  June 2017     

     Early summer in Grand Haven is beautiful.  Lake Michigan is still cold, but the sun and the sand get hot and the cool breeze from the Lake is refreshing.  I love going for a walk along the water for fresh air during my Sabbath.  Do you take a Sabbath each week? 

     The Bible begins with words that have a rhythm to them, like poetry, and in the opening poem, God creates everything:  the heavens and the earth.  And, after God creates, God rests.  Did you know that the first thing God declares as "holy" in all of creation is rest?   Everything God creates is "good", but the first thing that is consecrated as "holy" is rest.  That's why I take Sabbath rest seriously.  Because it is sacred!  I can sense that it is sacred when I walk along the water because my soul finds rest, my lungs fill with deep refreshing breath and I feel more alive than ever.  Rest begets creative, energized, renewed life.  It's a rhythm.  A pattern. God creates and rests.  We create and rest.  So may you, in this summer season, embrace the rhythm of rest.  May you find weekly Sabbath holiness.  May you claim life-giving breaks from your otherwise busy lives.
Matt Schmidt 

                   St. Paul's Mission Statement
The avowed purpose of this Church shall be to worship God, to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper, to promote Christian love and unity within this Church and the Church Universal, to render loving service toward people and to strive for righteousness, justice and peace in our community and throughout the world.

                           We hope to see you again! 

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